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Spinach salad with marinated tofu

Updated: May 2, 2020

I mentioned in another post that cooking is not allowed at my current residency. I've done some salads for breakfast or lunch, of course. Salad is the most basic no-cook meal! But I haven't had any beans in the last 3 weeks and I was a bit bored with the typical balsamic and olive oil dressing.

So I got myself some canned beans and tofu for a different taste.

I quite liked this salad, it was weird how well the Asian-style sauce pairs with nutritional yeast. With beans and tofu, this salad is filling but not heavy.


Spinach, garden greens, canned kidney beans (rinsed), tofu, ssamjang (쌈장, Korean bean paste mix), perilla oil, nutritional yeast

Marinade sauce for tofu

Soy sauce, ginger powder, water

How to make

1. Prepare the veggies and rinse the beans nice and clean, leave to drain.

2. Mix the marinade sauce in a bowl, microwave for 30 sec to help incorporate.

3. Add cut tofu into the bowl and mix with the sauce, then microwave for another 30 sec.

4. Put all ingredients in a larger bowl

- add some ssamjang

- add nutritional yeast to taste

- add perilla oil

5. Top with extra nutritional yeast and enjoy!


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